Ora d’Aria Restaurant, the dream of a boy who became a chef.

Since I was little, when I couldn’t run around the soccer fields with my friends, I always loved cooking with my mom and grandmother. Those were the first emotions that carried me into the enchanted world of taste, smells and memory.

Unforgettable moments.

Starting from those moments I had a strong passion to reach and conquer my dream: become a cook that could give emotions and tell about my experiences and memories through my dishes, my food. After hotel management school in Florence I immediately started working in restaurants to learn the ropes, to put into practice and receive in my own hands the most knowledge possible. Only after many years of experience did I feel ready to open my first restaurant: Ora d’aria in Florence.

Ora d’Aria’s experience.

It has been and it is an overwhelming experience; the products, the wines that we carefully select from small local producers, you can immediately feel that they are good for your inner self; my floor and kitchen brigade, with all of their passion respect and value them. Our dishes can often tell you about our life experiences, of art exhibition visits, visions of beauty in our beautiful Florence, which surrounds and comforts us like a big mother. After 5 years of activity, in 2010, we received the first Michelin star, you can’t imagine how exciting it was, and even today, each time it is renewed, it gives us great satisfaction.

Our Ora d’aria becomes yours and takes you away from the routine, from the usual and allows you to travel with your mind. This is my/our everyday mission.

Marco Stabile Chef